Writer’s Block? What Writer’s Block?

Hey all, for the last couple of days I haven’t been writing much. I don’t know if it was writer’s block so much as it was just lack of motivation to write. My WIP was stuck in a sex scene and I just couldn’t motor through it (although who wants to motor through a sex scene? It’s supposed to be savored, something that makes your body heat up, your eyes water because you haven’t blinked from reading it, and give you all sorts of ideas to try with your special someone! Right?)

I didn’t motor through the sex scene. Oh no. I rolled, sauntered, swayed, moseyed, sashayed, basked in it, soaked it in, ate it up with a wooden spoon…this scene is H-A-W-T. I just have to decide how long Connor’s um pleasure can last *cackles*. Poor, poor werewolf. He doesn’t know what he’s messing with. Piper is going to wring him dry. Tsk.

Anyway, I think letting something stew for a while rather than forcing it to happen is best. I’ve read some authors who swear by writing so many words or so many pages a day no matter what, but I can’t operate that way. If I force myself to write, I don’t feel creative. It feels like ‘work’ and that’s something I really don’t like (being innately lazy). If I take time to read or watch a little television, it gets my mind off the scene I’m stuck on and allows my brain free reign.

I was supposed to have tried hammering out that scene last night, but instead I watched ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead’. I LOVE this movie. It’s fabulous, thought-provoking, and just flat out weird. Not to mention Gary Oldman looks good in this movie with that hair. Rar. I think actually watching the movie helped me get over the slump.

Do I recommend doing as I do? If that’s your thing. You have to realize that I’m the type of person who only does well when working under pressure. Sounds lame, but there you have it. How many of my best papers in college were written the night before they were due? Tons! One was just short of being a thesis, written in twelve hours. Not everyone operates this way though. Some people plot and plan for hours before even opening a book or putting words to paper. Those are the people who had their papers ready three weeks before they were even due. I admired and envied those people.

So, that’s how I got over my writer’s block this week. A good movie based on a good play by the most famous writers of all time. How great is that??

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