The Sex Scene

Writing a sex scene isn’t always easy if you’re not really ‘in the mood’ for it, I’ve found. Does that mean I have to be aroused to write one? No. I think it has more to do with whether my characters are ready for it and if they aren’t ready, it won’t be fun to write it. I remember writing the sex scene (which I think is pretty effin’ hot) for Lucian and Ruby. Holy guacamole…they were ready for it, the tension was just right, and the scene just seemed to explode. It was h-o-t and when I’m reading over the MS to tweak here and there, somehow that scene just stays the same because I think it’s perfect.

I mention this because Connor and Piper are at that point in my WIP. The tension has been building for several chapters (since they first met…she IS part succubus after all) and now comes the big scene. I know it’s the right time, but I’m not in the mood to write it. Can I tell them that I have a headache and wait until tonight or tomorrow to write it? Is it okay to put your characters’ sexual release on the back burner until the writer is ready to get down and dirty?

I know that once I am ready to write this scene, it’ll be hot as all get out, but for now, I’m telling Connor and Piper that I have a headache. They’ll just have to understand and not mind that they’re in the middle of sexual release…she’s currently licking her way down his body. Poor werewolf…

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