Lucian’s Interview

Hi all. I finally ran Lucian Ravenswaay down in New Orleans. I’m sure he let me do this since I’m not the most savvy and stealthy person on the planet. After pleading (pathetically) that he let me interview him, he agreed and we met up at his friend Jackson St. Marie’s bar, The Pit.

Lucian’s stats:
Age: 285
Height: 6’7″
Weight: 260
Hair: Black and red, shoulder length
Eyes: Green

He winked and people, this man has SEXY green eyes. I was drooling but he was gentlemanly enough to ignore it.

I was more than a little nervous. I mean, I KNOW who hangs out in this bar and I’m not talking about bikers. Jackie (he told me I could call him Jackie) was hanging out at the bar and looked far too amused to see little ole me trailing behind the Oculum-se. He sent over a drink. I guess he figured I needed Dutch courage to get through the interview. You can bet your sweet ass I gulped it down!

So, Lucian led me to a table in the back of the bar and I really didn’t mind walking behind him. He has the nicest derriere I’ve ever had the fortune to ogle. The front is even better, by the way. I kind of caught that by accident as he’d turned around while I was still looking at his butt. Niiice!

Without further ado, he sat me down and glared. It was time for the interview.

Danica: So, uh…thanks for meeting with me! (My voice was kind of squeaky…I hate it when it does that!)
Lucian: You didn’t give me much choice, Dani. You were making so much noise following me around, the demons were scared to come out.

He flashed a little fang, but I knew he wouldn’t go for my throat. I’m not really his type, like I’m O positive and he’s into rare.

D: What do you look for in a woman? (I decided to get right down to business. Have I mentioned he’s sexy??)
L: I like curves. I like a woman who doesn’t feel like she’s gonna break if I decide to play with her.
D: Have you met anyone who matches that description?
L: Only one person.
D: Um, okay. Do you have a favorite color?
L: Black, red, orange.
D: What’s the best night you ever had?

This is when he grinned and OMG people! OMG!! I think I wet my pants when he grinned, but back to the interview.

L: I was here one night when Pagan told me she found the last Chieftain. Man, I was hyped, but pissed off cause I’d wanted to hook up with these two blonds for some B&R-
D: B&R?
L: Blood and recreation.

L: Anyway, I went over to the Hotel d’Ours to wait for the Chieftain. I thought Pagan was joking with me when I saw it was a woman. Not just any woman either. This woman was stacked. Full hips, full chest, almost as tall as me.

Okay, I was jealous. This man was talking about a virtual Amazon if she was as tall as he was since he’s nearly six foot eight. He was also really into describing her body and I wasn’t going to look down at my own.

L: She was…wow.
Jackson: She was hot!
L: Shut the hell up! Don’t talk about her, or I’ll shove your head up your ass. Now, where was I?
D: She was wow.
L: Right, so I knew the minute I saw her, that she was gonna be something special. I wasn’t sure how special though.
D: What’s her name? Did you get it?
L: Chieftain Ruby Fontenot-Blue of the Elk Fire Line.
D: Where is she now?

His face closed up tighter than my mom’s when I asked her if she’d had sex before she married dad. I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth.

L: That’s classified.
D: Is it true that Malachi Cromwell, the Eturian leader, is after her?
L: He’ll die.
D: Um, okay. That’s fair. So, is it true what they say about vampires?

I really hadn’t meant that to sound so sexual, I had meant about the staking through the heart, sunlight and all that mess, but he’d just been about to take a sip of his Jack and Coke and spit it out all over me. I guess I need to work on my interviewing skills. Jackson appeared at the table and gave me a towel while smirking at Lucian. I really like Jackie.

L: What the hell kind of question is that?
D: I meant can you guys go out in the sun and all.
L: Oh. Okay, cause you’re cute, but I’m not interested.
D: Just answer the damn question! (I didn’t mean to shout, but he looked like he thought I meant business and not too insulted so I guess he would let me get away with it.)
L: Sheesh, calm down, lady! I didn’t mean to insult you. Hell. Before we transition, vampires are just like humans, but after the transition we become very similar to what you read about. We drink blood, we can go out in the sun, but it isn’t advised since it hurts after a while. We don’t live forever cause nothing is truly immortal, you cut some thing’s head off or stake something through the heart and it’s gonna die. We can’t make humans vampires, so don’t even ask.
D: Do you get that a lot?
L: What do you think? Ever since all those Underworld movies came out – by the way Kate Beckinsale in that catsuit thing?…mmm – we’re getting more people running to us if they suspect what we are. Could be at one time, we inspired fear. Now everyone wants to be bitten.

He wasn’t looking too happy, so I decided to change the subject.

D: What are your goals?
L: Get the Chieftain in a safe place, take out Malachi, finish this assignment and take over the seat I’ve been apprenticed to on Council.
D: For our new readers, what does the Oculum-se do?
L: The Oculum is the High Council spymaster and the Oculum-se is part of their network. We follow up on any rumors of rebellions, danger to the Council, and anything that might pose a problem for the Veil.
D: What do you do with the problems?
L: The Oculum trusts me enough to handle them how I see fit.

D: How so?
L: I eliminate problems.
D: O-kay…what is the Veil?

He sighed like he wanted nothing better than to throttle me.

L: The Veil is the community of ‘others’. We live parallel, within, and around your world. We are masters at blending in, well most of us are at least. Most of the time humans don’t even know we exist and we keep it that way. We hold jobs in every sector of the human world, but we only follow the laws of our High Council.
D: What races belong in the Veil?
L: Everything ‘other’, of course. (I think he was getting exasperated with me cause he rolled his eyes.) Vampires, werefolk, demons, angels, succubi, incubi, centaurs, minotaurs, elves, dwarves, fairies, you name it, we have it.
D: Can I get a copy of this for my website?
L: You realize that if you publish anything about the Veil, I’ll have to kill you.
D: Ha. Oh, you’re not joking. Um. I wouldn’t publish it per se…
L: Fine, I’ll loan you a book. Are we finished yet?
D: Just one more question: Where do you see yourself in five years?
L: Gods, I hate questions like that. Why do people ask that? Hell, I don’t know. I’ll be the Oculum and the Chieftain will be my sex slave. Now, are we done?
D: Sure, thank you so much!
L: Yeah, just don’t tell anyone about this, okay? I really would hate to kill you.

He walked away without another word. I spent several minutes trying to catch my breath. That was one intense male! Now I just have to figure out where Ruby is and get an interview from her too!


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2 responses to “Lucian’s Interview

  1. lisekimhorton

    A rollicking good interview, Danica! I must say I thought you handled a very difficult subject very well. You got the goods, girl!

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