Studly Men

So, I had to have a little inspiration for my books, right? What does a person do when she needs sexy men to use as muses for her larger-than-life supernatural heroes? She takes to the internet. Now, I’m going to post some pictures of men I think have that rar factor.

Yes, the ‘rar’ factor is very important to me. I don’t necessarily like pretty boys. I much prefer men who look like men: hairy chests, genuine 5 o’clock shadows, biceps to die for…you get the idea.

So, without further ado:

This is the muse for my Cajun incubus, Fallon. Fallon keeps popping up in my head, speaking French, and driving all the other male characters crazy. You can see why:

This is my inspiration for my werewolf, Connor Griffin. He’s the MC in my WIP. Growl.

Finally, this is my muse for Malachi Cromwell. Malachi…is a vampire/demon halfling who spends most of his time making the Veilerian Council insane. He’s not technically ‘bad’ but he isn’t ‘good’ either!

I’m not quite finished finding just the right pictures for my other characters. I still haven’t found the perfect Lucian (one of the MCs of my finished manuscript) and it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect Mortimer! Mais. Okay, so just talking about Fallon has me wanting to bust out with the few words in Cajun French I know.

Enjoy the pictures!

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