Writers for New Orleans

So, I’ve decided to attend my very first workshop/conference type thingy (I’m sure you’re all impressed by my impressive vocabulary). I can’t quite remember where I first heard about it, but my interest was really piqued when it was mentioned at my local RWA chapter meeting earlier this month.
I decided to check it out and it sounds like a blast, except for one thing. Curious about what kind of hotel it was being held at, I decided to check it out and what do I find out? The bleeding hotel is HAUNTED. Yes, you heard me. Haunted! Do I believe in ghosts? Hell yeah! What Cajun doesn’t?? I’ve heard my mom’s stories about the haunted apartment building (which used to be a plantation house) she lived in as a kid. I heard my grandmother talking about the coffin that floated through the swamp foretelling of some one’s death. I know the Rougarou isn’t real, but I sure as hell believed in it when I was a kid. Does that mean I’m not going to the conference? Puh-leez! I’m going…and I’m bringing company because there is no way on God’s green earth I’m going to sleep in a haunted hotel by myself. Do I expect to actually see anything? Nah, but just in case, I want someone there to make sure I don’t die of a heart attack.

This is really kind of funny because I love paranormal romance. I just think I could handle werewolves and vampires better than I can ghosts lol. Or it could just be that I’m a big chicken who writes about what they fear.

Anyway, I’m going through my wardrobe in my mind trying to figure out what looks Riverboat lady(ish) for the riverboat cruise on Friday night. Probably won’t go all out in costume for that, I’m just not a very frou-frou female for the most part (I do have my moments of frou-frou-ness though). I’m really looking forward to learning more about the industry, meeting other authors, and having some fun. New Orleans is old hat for me, but I don’t go as much as people would expect. Lots of good memories (those I can remember that is) abound in the French Quarter.

I’ll be bringing my laptop along to blog from the Big Easy and I’m hoping to get lots of pictures to share as well.

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