When Characters Rule My World

So I seem to be a person whose muse only strikes when they’re drying their hair. Yes, every time the blow dryer comes on, ideas start popping in my head. In fact, that’s how I came up with a new story I’m working on (when I’m not editing and slaving over my finished book).

Piper and Connor came to me because they thought their story just had to be next. I thought Pagan (a hard-ass vampire chick) was going to push them out of the way because her story has been in my mind for years, but I suspect that Connor (being an Alpha werewolf) had a lot to do with her conceding victory to him and Piper.

You see, Piper is a half-succubus, half-weretiger on the verge of her full transition into succubus-hood. She doesn’t want it though her mother (Persephone, that succubus to end all succubae) is pressuring Piper to take matters ‘in hand’ and lose her virginity…finally. I mean, I can understand Persephone’s point of view. Piper is a seventy-four year old virgin and to a succubus, that just won’t do. Unfortunately for Persephone, Piper just wants to be like any other woman. You know, fall in love with ONE man and live with him for the rest of her long life.

So how can Persephone get Piper’s nature to take its course? Why she does what any mother would do: she forms an elaborate scheme to get a sexy Alpha werewolf to come into her daughter’s life and wreak havoc. It doesn’t hurt Persephone’s plans that Connor hates succubae so much that he calls them ‘soul suckers’. If he doesn’t like her species, then there’s no risk of him falling in love with her daughter and no risk of her daughter falling in love with him! Well, that was the plan anyway.

Connor wasn’t too happy about being paired up with a succubus when I mentioned it to him. He thought I was crazy! He kept pushing for me to hook him up with Marie (another werewolf) but really, where’s the fun in that? Connor just didn’t know that Piper was perfect for him, although I think he’s beginning to see the light. She’s a sweetheart and he’s a sucker for curves which she has in abundance. He keeps trying to tell me and himself that he’s only hanging around with Piper because she might have an idea of where his troublesome nephew is, but we both know that he’s really digging her.

I believe that once they get to know each other better, they’ll both realize that their futures are safe in my hands.

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