To Prologue or Not to Prologue

Over the last week of revising and proofing my completed manuscript, I’ve started wondering if the prologue is necessary or not. I wrote it because I wanted to explain, just a little, about the world I created. Now, I’m wondering if its really needed. It doesn’t give background information on any of my characters, just a background of the world they live in.

There’s one scene with a main character, but again I’m wondering if its necessary. Is it better to just jump in the action and let the cards fall where they may? I don’t usually care if a book has a prologue or not unless its a flashback or something. This isn’t. Oy. I feel confused.

I wish I could get some feedback on this problem. I feel a little lost trying to figure out if it embellishes my story, or bogs it down.

Other than that, I just finished the synopsis for my second book and I need to polish up the first several pages for a contest. Then its on to the big story to hammer out that synopsis and beginning for another contest that starts next week. Why did I do this to myself again?

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